(Halesia diptera)
The Storax (Snowbell) Family (Styracaceae)

Delicate small tree or large shrub with branches growing from the base forming a multi-trunk with brown to reddish-brown bark. Light green, alternate deciduous leaves almost as wide as they are long, that are colorful in the fall.


Moist well drained sites in the understory of larger trees.

Interesting Facts: 

Fragrant showy blossoms hanging down like little bells attract native pollinators. The seedpod when green is sour, but edible by people.

Oblong, green, flattened drupe, 1 – 2”, with two wide and two narrow wings; woody, nutlike and brown when mature.
Clusters of two to six waxy, white bell-shaped flowers, 1” across, appear with new foliage in late spring.
Wildlife value: 
Flowers attract hummingbirds, bees and butterflies; and squirrels eat fruit.
Leaf type: 
Wildlife value: 
Tree dimensions: 

Leaf length: 3.00-5.00 inches
Tree height: 15.00-30.00 feet

Where to find Two-Wing Silverbell on the Louisiana State Arboretum Trails:

TER - Walker Terrace 26.0

Refer to our Live Map to locate this species and its interpretative signage on the trail system.