(Carya cordiformis)
The Walnut family (Juglandaceae)

This deciduous tree has alternate compound leaves with seven to eleven leaflets. The terminal buds of this tree are bright yellow.


Found in low wet woods and along streams in the hill sections.

Interesting Facts: 

It is the most rapid growing of the hickories. The nut meat is so bitter that it is not preferred by wildlife.

The nut is 1- 1.25” long, oblong to round in shape with a thin shell.
The male flowers are small green catkins and the female flowers are solitary short spikes. They are both found on the same plant.
Wildlife value: 
It serves as a host for some striking moths such as the Luna and Regal moths and attracts squirrels, rabbits, beavers and small rodents.
Leaf type: 
Wildlife value: 
Tree dimensions: 

Leaf length: 7.00-10.00 inches
Tree height: 72.00-100.00 feet

Where to find Bitternut Hickory on the Louisiana State Arboretum Trails:

PAW - Pawpaw Loop Trail 9.0

Refer to our Live Map to locate this species and its interpretative signage on the trail system.