(Acer rubrum var. drummondii)
The Maple Family (Aceraceae)

Medium sized deciduous tree with opposite, three lobed leaves with silver, hairy backs, shiny red twigs, and smooth-to-scaly gray bark.


Moist, open woodlands and swamps.

Interesting Facts: 

Pioneer species in disturbed forests near wetland areas. Limited producer of maple syrup. Bark has been used as an astringent, eye wash, and cramp treatment. Host to multiple Sphinx moth species.

Showy clusters, 1 to 2” long, brownish-red, winged seeds (samaras) on long slender stems, maturing in late winter and early spring.
Small, bright red, occurring in hanging clusters, appearing in mid-winter before leaves.
Wildlife value: 
Birds and small mammals eat the seeds, buds, flowers and saplings; a valuable spring pollen source for insects; wood ducks nest in the cavities.
Leaf type: 
Wildlife value: 
Tree dimensions: 

Leaf length: 4.00-8.00 inches
Tree height: 40.00-80.00 feet

Where to find Swamp Red Maple on the Louisiana State Arboretum Trails:

WAB - Walker Branch Trail 8.0

WAB - Walker Branch Trail 22.0

Refer to our Live Map to locate this species and its interpretative signage on the trail system.