(Rhus copallinum)

Large, deciduous shrub or small tree, with short, crooked trunk and open branching canopy. Bark smooth and papery, gray with gashes exposing a reddish color beneath. Glossy, dark-green, alternately arranged leaves with 7-17 leaflets turning reddish-purple in the fall.

(Ulmus alata)

Small, fast-growing, deciduous tree with a variable shaped crown; corky, wing-like projections on opposite sides of twigs and branches; reddish brown to gray bark and alternate dark green leaves.

(Quercus phellos)

Medium to large southern oak with willow-like foliage, light gray bark when young, turning brown with narrow ridges when older; straight trunk with a cone-shaped crown which becomes round at maturity. Narrow leaves are simple and arranged alternately along the twig. Tardily deciduous.


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